What Are Manipulation Techniques And How To Defend Against Them

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Manipulation is a way to get what you want by exposing false information in order to make the opponent act as you wish. Even God can engage in such practices but due to positive intention it is called positive manipulation.

There are six fundamental styles of manipulation.

1. Emotional manipulation.

2. Behavioral manipulation.

3. Using material means to acquire control.

4. Using Love against you.

5. Playing the victim while being the aggressor.

6. Turn you against your friends or the manipulator’s enemies.

1. Emotional manipulation happens when a psychopath uses your emotions against you. For example, such an individual can make you angry to not let you think sharp. Or another one of their favorite styles is to make you as jealous as possible but not to take your lover, just to control your mind.

2. Behavioral manipulation is when a psychopath behaves how he wants you to think, not how he thinks. Basically he or she acts in reverse according to how he or she thinks. For example I may want a sum of money from you. Rather than asking it straight forward I pretend I could use some money but not from you because I know you don’t have much.

3. Money or other possessions are control. They make Humans depend on one another. So whenever one uses money against your desires you are manipulated. For example I give you X amount of money if you do what I wish regardless if you like it or not.

4. Love is either the most powerful gift or the most powerful negative weapon. Psychopaths use Love against their lovers to completely control their minds. For example they pretend to Love just to make their lovers do whatever they want.

5. Playing the victim when being the aggressor is a psychopath favorite game by far. Psychopaths are the perfect victims. Everyone did them wrong while they never did wrong in return. This is the most efficient way to manipulate Humans. Humans believe they are the most awful people on the planet while the psychopaths appear as the perfect saviors who act perfectly.

6. You have good friends or family, people who are always by your side. When a psychopath enters your life the first thing he or she does is to turn you against your loved ones. The same happens with the psychopath’s enemies. A psychopath can make his or her enemy your enemy too and even make you attack his or her enemy for him or her.


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