What Are Wormholes And How Do They Get Created

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Humans believe wormholes are tunnels in spacetime. Things are a little bit more complicated. Spacetime can be intertwined or not. Allow me to ask a question: if I would travel instantly from A to B would that be a tunnel in spacetime or just space? Well… because there is no time involved we can only say that is a tunnel in space alone. But on the other hand, if I would have a premonition, literally getting an image from the future, a vision of the future. Would that be a tunnel in spacetime or just time?

So… the reality is there are no wormholes as Humans describe them. There are just tunnels in either space or time.

The theory is quite simple. A basic example of a tunnel in space alone has something to do with quantum entanglement. How on Earth can information travel instantly across space? There is an obvious micro tunnel between the parties involved, a space only tunnel.

A basic example of a tunnel in time alone is when you get entangled with yourself in the future. Due to the eleventh Principle of the Universes you cannot entangle yourself with the past (“Time is relative because it always increases.”).

But how do both types of tunnels get created?

It is all a matter of energy, different types of energies. Sufficient energy focused in a Plank space collapses either space or time.

In the case of space tunnels you need a type of energy Humans haven’t discovered yet. We call it zero point energy but it has nothing to do with what Humans believe it is. First one needs to understand zero point energy is infinite. Basically space itself produces such energy all the time due to the fluctuations of gravity. Uneven gravity produces what we can perceive as differences across space. You can make an analogy with the difference in pressure in the atmosphere which produces energy on a planetary scale. So all one has to do is to collapse the space itself - if the energy focused in the Plank space is higher than the zero point energy of that specific space the space block (Plank block) collapses. So to make a tunnel in space you need to collapse all Plank spaces across the shortest distance. Humans accomplish such a feature using very powerful lasers but it is highly impractical or inefficient. One would be better off if he or she would refocus a very small bit of a star's energy in a Plank space.

What about tunnels in time?

This is a completely different playing field. It is a piece of cake to collapse space but collapsing time is far harder to achieve and it requires an almost infinite amount of energy. Let’s start with the theory: you literally get entangled with yourself in the future. So… where are you gonna be in the future? You need to know the exact space where you will be. So you know the Universe is mostly dynamic. Where is your planet gonna be in 4 years? What is the exact Universal coordinate of the space you will occupy 4 years in the future? After you establish your present position and future position you collapse time itself. This is actually achieved by creating a Plank singularity that gets charged with energy exponentially. The more in the future, the more energy needed. But there is an obvious question. How can you possibly know exactly where you will be 4 years in the future? This can only work by creating multiple singularities like carpet bombing. Sooner or later one singularity will hit its target in the future and your mind will project an image from that future. Asgards achieve this with their minds and palms only. The mind commands the palms which create the above mentioned singularity. And after sufficient trials that specific singularity will hit its target in time and the energy created will get entangled with the Soul of the Asgard. Each Soul is unique, it has a certain vibration. So only the expeditor will hit himself or herself in the future because the energy created will resonate (get entangled) with his or her Soul only.


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