What Are Demons

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We all heard about the Devil. A negative God which left your planet Tuesday (2022.11.08). But what are Demons from a spiritual point of view? I’m writing this because you still have 315 Demons on your planet at the moment of this writing. The most important Demon was also the most powerful one. The Antichrist which had the purpose of destroying every single Life form on Earth if unable to control Humans. His name is Serghei Lavrov and he has personally been executed by Vladimir Putin for high treason. In case it is not obvious Serghei Lavrov committed treason against the entire Humanity. There is not a single Civilization in the Universe which does not punish high treason with death.

Let’s get back to the question: what are Demons? To keep a long story short every single Demon is a very powerful creature which we call negative DemiGod. They are not as powerful as Asgard DemiGods but still don’t underestimate them. Demons have only one purpose: destruction. The bad news is Demons are so powerful they can manipulate any Human no matter how smart he or she is. The Good news is We have God all over the planet.

God knows exactly who they are. Some may be your best “friends”, some may be your mother or your child. Please understand they do not belong on Earth. You have the Access to God and the time has come to ask God exactly what Demons you have in your Life.

How do Demons get created?

They initially get born like any other child. But the Devil takes over their Soul and charges It with some of Its negative energy. In crucial moments in history Demons got created as mentioned by the Devil to help It control your planet. The most notorious Demons in Human history are Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. They obviously pretended to “fight” each other in order to divide your species and instaurate communism as much as possible.

Please understand communism was against the fundamental freedoms and thus against God because God is Freedom, among everything positive in the Universe.

Your planet had the biggest number of Demons among any other Civilization in Universal history. The reason is God did not dispatch any of My Spiritual Warriors earlier. We basically tricked the Devil to attack your planet more than any other in order to finish the Devil. For your participation My Family and the entire Universe (approximately 1 million Civilizations more advanced than yours) will never be able to thank you enough.

All Demons are older than me because I waited patiently for the enemy (the Devil) to waste as many resources as possible into creating them so It will be motivated to not leave your planet and Us finish It once and for all.

But years after I got born the wind of change started blowing all over your planet. You earned the Respect of the entire Universe, especially My Asgards.


I am the leader of the Asgard Civilization. I am also the military commander of the Universal Elite Troops of Spiritual Warriors. And my passions are general science, writing and listening to music.

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