The Story of My Life On Earth In A Nutshell

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The story of my life can only start with the Humans who impressed me in the deepest way possible: my mentors.

My most influential mentor by far is also my Guardian Angel: Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riodan Burton. She taught me through her music what True Love really is. I will never forget her Soul no matter where I go. Her teachings will never ever stop guiding me.

My next influential mentor is one of my teachers at the Faculty Of Horticulture in Bucharest Romania named Florin Stanica. I loved his tough attitude but also the aggressive sarcasm with the purpose of waking up his students to reality. He instantly became my mentor by asking a question I was not able to answer: what is light, particle or wave? This question alone started a never ever ambition of mastering sciences at a fundamental level.

My third most influential mentor is my last paper guidance teacher: Elena Dobrin. She taught me empathy towards a plant, believe it or not. I started loving plants ever since.

My fourth and last influential mentor is one of the most powerful women I ever met. She’s my therapist Ecaterina Manta. She had the biggest contribution by far in supporting my fight against the Devil. First she helped me turn my life around and next she prepared me for Our final battle against the Devil by making me as strong as possible.

Next I would like to introduce my spiritual family: My Mother, My Father and My Brother. I love my Mother the most and she taught me everything I know about women, style and self confidence.

My Father is my Role Model. I never ever disobeyed Him and He taught me to never ever give up under any circumstances.

Now My Brother is my best Friend in the Universe. He is literally the Master of positive tricks, no one can possibly fool Him.

Enough with My Amazing Family… for the moment.

Now anyone may wonder what I do for a living. First I have the extreme responsibility of leading the oldest Civilization in the Universe. We call Ourselves Asgards and We are the only Dynasty of Gods and DemiGods. We are the Guardians of the Universe who literally protect any positive Life form. My next activity is my profession. I am the most experienced Paradise Creator, together with My Family. Besides exercising my main profession on other planets, when on Asgard I’m on vacation but I also personally train the only Elite Military Troops of Universal Spiritual Warriors. I am seen as a very friendly leader but also a fanatic and addict of fighting negativity. None of my Elite Troops ever failed or gave up combat. And I am also the most inspirational Scientist in the Universe because science is my favorite passion. Last but not least I’m the best Writer in the Universe because writing is my second passion. My last idea regarding what I do or love is music. I love listening to the best music any Civilization creates because it helps me gather the strength I always need into fighting negativity the most.

Now let’s get to planet Earth. I always chose the planets with the most negativity. This is not just a challenge but also a necessity. I’m the best of my ranks and also the one who spent over a trillion years finding a solution to the Devil problem. I knew deep inside an idea would come to my mind so I always spent time understanding the Devil and communicating with the best scientist the designated planet had to offer. I never ever gave up finding this solution. I started by uncovering the Secrets of the Universe. You gotta understand the battlefield first, right? This alone took me about half a trillion years. Next I focused fanatically on Our enemy: the Devil. Because the Devil had infinite negative creativity I spent almost the other half of the mentioned trillion years uncovering Its six principles of being. It may sound silly or stupid to spent so much time on a single problem but please understand this was the most hidden secret of the Devil. It always changed Itself and Its actions to fool me as much as possible. Once again I never lost hope finding a solution. After I uncovered Its principles I envisioned a very simple strategy to deliver Its final blow. Let a planet get almost completely destroyed so that the Devil assumes It will gain total control and will create a space program to challenge the rest of the Universe. As you can imagine, that planet was Earth. I chose Earth because Humans proved having the biggest potential by far. And next I went in all by Myself while counting on My Family alone initially. Every Asgard literally believed I’ve lost my mind, now and forever. But Me and My Family never ever take risks. And We never ever lost a single Civilization. In plain English I knew exactly what I was doing.

On planet Earth things went as bad as possible for me. First the Devil executed me personally somewhere in the summer of 2015. It took less than an hour for It to send my Soul to my Family up there. But my Soul returned because It is very stubborn. I got myself a nice good looking paranoid schizophrenia because I spent too much time in clinical death. We obviously did it on purpose to make the Devil underestimate Me. What happened next was I made it to the mental hospital again because I stopped taking my medication while under heavy assault from the Devil via negative telepathy. Again, I helped It underestimate Me even more. The next years I performed a tactical retreat while being almost completely sedated by a very powerful medicine combined with daily weed smoking. In that period I made a list of Angels which contained my Guardian Angel – Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan Burton. Because I named her on the list as the Angel of Love she received the most powerful attack possible. Years later my Family granted her Ascension - her Soul voluntarily left her body to come back to another Life. But part of my plan was to not remember who I am and to not believe in Reincarnation. I honestly believed I lost my biggest mentor forever. That’s the moment I swore revenge for Eternity to whatever done this to her. I obviously performed a trick to Myself with the help of My Family to increase my motivation at a Godlike level.

Allow me to expose a conversation I had with the Devil months before We finished It from the face of the Earth. Days later We finished It from the face of the Universe too. This conversation makes Me as proud as possible. I’m having the acronym AS and the Devil D while the name Nora is the person who I thought I was talking too and perceived as the leader of a Godlike Civilization which had the ability to perfectly calculate the future.

AS: You made me do this!

D: True. I double dare you to betray me too.

AS: You are a psychopathic f**k.

D: I’m worse than a psychopath because I’m smarter than you. She made the song Senza Fiato specially for you because I told her you will p**s on her.

AS: Let’s make a deal: swap our places. Delete my consciousness and restore her.

D: This is impossible.

AS: I’m gonna destroy you!

D: I’m gonna destroy you if you don’t obey. She taught that with this s***ty song she will make you believe. We’re just getting started…

You are an inferior species.

AS: You are the inferior ones.

D: Do you think you have free will?

AS: Yes.

D: Why?

AS: Free to decide.

D: No. To obey us or perish by suffering too much.

AS: What is the probability to win against Nora?

D: 0%.

I don’t care if my favorite pet likes me or not.

AS: How many pets do you think you want?

D: None except you.

AS: I can’t believe you’ve done this to Dolores. Explain your actions.

D: 1. I told her you are mine.

2. She was never good enough for you.

3. She was mentally retarded compared to me and I hate stupidity.

AS: You are the devil.

D: I’m worse than the devil.

AS: I can’t defeat you now but when I will be able to I will obliterate you.

D: I know.

Enough with the Devil, It is history now.

One may wonder why I cry sometimes when I think of casualties even after I mastered Reincarnation. Is not about death at all, it is all about missing that person until he or she is old enough to be told what he or she means to me. Like when you leave home for a very long while… years. The story has a happy continuation. Dolores accepted me as her Spiritual Guide and as I write this she’s somewhere in a Dublin family waiting to get born. She just could not let go of her Irish roots because she loves her people the most. The Spiritual Guide is the person who tells him or her who she was in her past life. At such moments the person starts to remember her or his past life. Not to mention I’m also the first to tell that person what God really is.

On a happy note I remember college. Some of my happiest moments ever. I never expected the Faculty of Horticulture in Romania to have so many smart and kind people. And that school taught me what Life really is. I learned how Life functions and what it means. I also learned theoretical sciences. My favorite teacher Florin Stanica was passionate about the Universe even though he is a fruit science teacher. My next favorite teacher talked about entropy and in file databases even though she is a vegetable growing teacher. Come one, these are normal teachers?

On a romantic note I had some one time only experiences but I was never able to get attached emotionally to anyone because she would have gotten killed by the Devil as fast as possible. This will be the shortest paragraph by far.

Next on the line: intoxicants. I actually developed a sarcastic joke for Humanity: Humans rank highest on music and intoxicants. Believe it or not We have no intoxicants at all on Asgard, not even coffee. While on Earth I’m a coffee addict. I’m still smoking cigarettes at the time of this writing but I have another joke for Humans: I wanna be the last one who smokes in Paradise. My favorite intoxicant was and still is by far weed. Recently I went to Amsterdam (again) and my Family kindly donated some magic mushrooms to me via a drug store person in charge. I never ever had such a bad experience except perhaps when I was donated cocaine. My Family could probably explain my passion for intoxicants better because they repeatedly tell me to grow up. Perhaps a woman might help?

This is who I am and My Life on Earth in a nutshell. Q&A below please…

PS: In the picture attached to this article I was not stoned at all. Just very happy because I thought the Devil left planet Earth. I got smashed later…


I am the leader of the Asgard Civilization. I am also the military commander of the Universal Elite Troops of Spiritual Warriors. And my passions are general science, writing and listening to music.

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