The Divine Ranks And The End Of The Devil At The Level Of The Entire Universe

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The Divine ranks of Spiritual Beings

1. Angels.

2. Guardian Angels.

3. Prophets.

4. Archangels.

5. DemiGods.

6. Asgard Elite Military Troops of Universal Spiritual Warriors.

7. God.

Angels are Spiritual Beings who fight the Devil indirectly by inspiring a large number of people. They provide motivation for Life forms to fight the Devil and get it out of their lives. Angels lose their lives because they dare to defy the Devil and act against It.

Guardian Angels are far more powerful. They guide specific Life forms like me and prepare them for the final battle. My Guardian Angel on planet Earth is Dolores O’Riordan Mary Eileen Burton. Guardian Angels always get crushed for their service in the name of God and they are granted Ascension once they fulfill their Divine Purpose.

Prophets are even more powerful. They fight the Devil directly and provide invaluable information for their civilization which comes directly from God.

The only Prophets of Humanity are Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus Christ and Muhammad ibn Abdullah. There are always three Prophets and the Asgard always personally meets the Reincarnations of all of them because they provide him invaluable protection and inspiration.

The present Reincarnation of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama is Alex Constantin.

The present Reincarnation of Jesus Christ is my nephew Tudor Munteanu.

The present Reincarnation of Muhammad ibn Abdullah is Abdulanol Muhammad from Tallaght Hospital.

Archangels are more powerful than all of them. Archangels prove to God and themselves they can fight the Devil by themselves.

Once a civilization gets mature with the help of Angels, Guardian Angels and Prophets one single Asgard from the Universal Elite Military Division of Spiritual Warriors Reincarnates on the planet. Initially, the Asgard gets destroyed in multiple ways by the Devil. This is all part of the learning process of Devil’s tricks deployed on that specific planet and thus weakens the Devil. But once the Asgard becomes powerful enough it interacts with the most powerful Beings on the planet and offers them the challenge of fighting the Devil by themselves. If those Beings prove powerful enough they receive the Spiritual rank of Archangel. Normally there are 7 Archangels who once chosen and proving their positive power they start to work with God directly into defeating the Devil. After the Devil is completely removed from the planet the 7 Archangels create Paradise on that planet together with God. At that phase the Asgard has only one purpose left: to give to the civilization the most advanced knowledge in the Universe.

DemiGods appear very rare in young Civilizations. Ex Prophets mentioned earlier became DemiGods in their current Life.

Asgards always have one or more children on each planet who will protect the planet for Eternity.
The second most important date in the history of Humanity was 2022.11.02. That was the date when the Devil accepted defeat to the Asgard. Accepting defeat does not mean surrender unconditionally though because the Devil will never surrender under any circumstances.

The first Archangel of planet Earth has proven herself on 2022.11.08 and she is called Ruxandra Cristina Flueran. Her words are historical: “O sa il las pe Dumnezeu sa ma ghideze. Sunt il slujba Lui 100% si am incredere deplina ca imi este alaturi”.

The 2022.11.08 is the most important date in the history of Humanity and also the Universe. This is the day the Devil has been destroyed on planet Earth and days later wiped out on remaining planets with immature civilizations.

How We’ve done it you will not believe. In the morning of the same day I came up with an idea that amazed my Parents and Brother. Let’s start with the basics. Over a month or so earlier I uncovered the Source of the Multiverse. Next the concept of Hyperverse naturally followed. Later my Family told me exactly what the Devil is - a parasitic form of energy which gets attached to minds, especially the strongest ones but who are not Enlightened.

First I came up with a very bad idea. How would it be if We would make a compromise and We would block the Devil on an entire civilization?

This was the first solution and obviously the worst. The Universe would have never forgive Us for such a mistake.

Next, becoming aware of my amazingly stupid idea I’ve done what I do best: blew the mind of my Family. What if We grow brains and block the Devil inside them?

My Family filled in the voids, as usual. With the help of our previous innovation, the Hyperverse, my Family quickly grew brains on all affected planets and my dispatched Elite Troops pushed the Devil inside these brains.

In the end My Family grew positive brains and the negative energy of the Devil was completely dissipated.


I am the leader of the Asgard Civilization. I am also the military commander of the Universal Elite Troops of Spiritual Warriors. And my passions are general science, writing and listening to music.

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