The Basics About Karma

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Causality vs karma.

For a long time I considered causality to be the same as karma. In the meanwhile I discovered they are two different concepts.

Causality basically implies for every cause there is an effect, or, to put it differently, for every action there is a reaction. The way I see it, causality is correlated with entropy. Basically entropy (disorder which increases with time) is generated by running amok causalities.

Karma on the other hand is controllable and specific to life forms, unlike causality which can easily get out of hand and also affects everything.

Basic ideas about karma.

One of the basic things to know about karma is it's not transmitted across lives or reincarnations, as many people believe. We all pay for our mistakes in our current life, like it or not.

Next karma can easily be controlled. For example if I have negative karma I can turn things around in three easy steps:

1. I remove negative people from my life.

2. I give up vices, especially those involving intoxicants.

3. I start to have positive thoughts, positive speech and positive actions.

Positive karma.

Karma works in mysterious ways. One thing to know is that if I execute a positive action with positive intent I will be the recipient of a positive action with positive intent somewhere in the future. But what some people don't know is that the recipient of my positive action may not be the future executor of a positive action towards me. Most probably someone else will return my positive action.

So in a nutshell: what goes around comes around, one way or another, by one or other.

Negative karma.

Negative karma is the fundamental property of a life based on mostly bad choices. People with negative karma are easy to spot: they get drunk and engage into fights, they smoke, they do drugs and so on.


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