Types of Truths vs. Lies

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Let's start with the Truth. There are three types of Truths:

The absolute Truth - the Truth that never changes regardless of anything else. It is also complete as it takes into account all valid points of views. By valid points of view we understand the positive ones.

The relative Truth - the Truth which is dependent on its context.

The partial Truth - only a part of the entire Truth.

What is the difference between false information and lies?

In a single word: intention. False information can have multiple causes and purposes but never ever they have the intention to manipulate. Lies on the other are an assumed choice to manipulate the receiver.

What is the difference between changes caused by dynamic planning and lying about the future?

Again intention. Dynamic planning implies things can change all the time so what is true now can be false in the future. Still deliberately lying about the future has the obvious intention of manipulating the receiver.


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