Prime Numbers vs Even Numbers In Group Decision Making

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Prime numbers define perfection because they are unique. Composite numbers on the other hand are just extensions or replications of 1, 2 and 3.

When one wants to build a council or group of people with the purpose of decision making, choosing the number of members by using prime numbers is by far the best choice. Prime numbers are the best choice due to the nature of generating such numbers: variable recursivity.

Everyone saw at least a debate. What happens: people quickly form two sides in opposition between themselves. The strongest side wins the debate and the rest leaves the room unsatisfied. In time and space tensions grow, especially if one or more individuals pick the losing side all the time.

Believe it or not if the members of the group sum up to any prime number they will always agree - phenomena which I call partial perfect synchronization.

Negativity on the other hand always chooses an even number, especially 6. That is the fundamental reason why psychopaths fight each other too, not just good people.

Even numbers are the numbers of negative competition while prime numbers are the numbers of cooperation.


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