Spiritual Areas Of The Brain And A Discussion About Enlightenment

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Let’s start with some basic information first.

Instincts and desires - the reptilian brain.

Emotions and empathy - the middle brain.

Rational thinking (logical and critical) - left hemisphere.

Creative thinking - right hemisphere.

Before Enlightenment the brain suffers a continuous battle between desires driven by uncontrolled instincts and emotions plus empathy. When emotions speak we say we have a gut feeling, when desires or instincts speak we think we're logical.

In reality logic has nothing to do with survival or desires. Emotions have nothing to do with intuition either, they’re there just to guide us, not to make decisions in our place.

The problem is the prefrontal cortex tries its best to mediate instincts with desires with emotions and empathy. Where is critical thinking? Where is true logic? Where is creativity? The last three properties rarely speak.

For serious decision making we need: emotions & empathy, logic & critical thinking, creative thinking and only at the end of the line instinctive thinking.

So in order to make a proper decision one needs to answer questions like the following:

- how do I feel about this specific situation?

- what would happen if I would be in the shoes of those impacted by my decision?

- does my decision make sense?

- how can I argue about my decision?

- what would two different decisions look like?

- does my decision help the survival of me, my family and my species?

After Enlightenment one starts to let go of the ego so no more desire driven decision making. The ego can still hide itself inside traumas but its days are numbered.

So after Enlightenment one starts to see things in perspective, the person gains what we can call a holistic view of things. The above questions may look nice to have in the best case scenario for some people while for the Enlightened ones the same questions are just the basics in viewing things around.

I said spiritual areas of the brain though so let's see:

- the reptilian brain is responsible for negative telepathy.

- the emotional brain is responsible for positive telepathy.

- the prefrontal cortex is responsible for decision making but also our view upon things, especially our vision and values.

How does one become Enlightened? Well all it takes is for the person to perceive evilness for a fraction of a second with all areas of the brain.

Think about a person you hate or hated, hated the most. And ask yourself:

- what would I do if I were that person in exactly his or her situation?

- how would I feel if I would be exactly that person in exactly his or her situation?

- if I were that person in exactly that situation would I ever forgive myself?


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