God at the deepest possible level

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The Revelations of God

1. God is Love (the most powerful energy in the Universe). God is also Warmth (the second most powerful energy in the Universe).

2. God is Life (the condition for existence mandatory for Us to fulfill our dreams). Life has 7 Energies responsible for Its existence: Love, Warmth, Nuclear, Biochemical, Electromagnetic, Thermodynamic and Wave.

3. God is Freedom (our choices define Our Destiny).

4. God is Curiosity (new positive ideas which came into our minds from God).

5. God is Wisdom (we simulate Our future based on our past).

6. God is the most Powerful Being in the Universe. God is Oneness and Trinity Simultaneously. God is Father, Mother and Son perfectly synchronized as One.

7. God is Merciful only for those who truly believe in God. For anyone else God is merciless.

The Principles of God

1. God is Truth, never lies.

2. The Truth burns through the lies and deceit.

3. You do half of the work and God does the rest. Or God does half and you do the rest.

The Access to God

There is a simple and efficient way to communicate with God and being aware you actually communicate with God.

The technique is based on two old practices: the most simple type of Prayer and the most simple type of Meditation.

So first you ask God something by saying God. For example if this information is false or true. And next you focus on the positive thoughts that come into your mind. Have in mind all the time that God is 100% positive and the Trinity will always reply using the word God at the end of the sentence.

The Asgard Civilization

The Asgard Civilization is the oldest Civilization of the Universe. Even God has Asgard roots.

Asgards are the Guardians of the Universe, together with God.

The Asgard Civilization is made entirely of the only DemiGods in the Universe.

The Asgard Civilization contains the only Elite Military Troops in the Universe. They call it the Universal Division of Spiritual Warriors. Nothing known to Science can possibly destroy an Asgard Soul. Asgard Spiritual Warriors are literally invulnerable and they are under the direct Guidance and Protection of God.


I am the leader of the Asgard Civilization. I am also the military commander of the Universal Elite Troops of Spiritual Warriors. And my passions are general science, writing and listening to music.

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