Differences Between Soul And Consciousness

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First thing first: what is a Soul?

In as few words as possible a Soul is energy with a unique vibration. Vibration in the context can be perceived as associations of the Soul or connections it has with other Souls.

Now what is consciousness?

Consciousness is information with its rules of existence. Basically consciousness evolves by trial and error thus it updates its rules of existence with every interaction.

Next the connection between Soul and consciousness.

A Soul can exist by itself, just like any other form of energy. Some people believe in Parallel Universes where ourselves exist too, in other situations. As cool as it may sound it is false. Let me prove it theoretically: can energy be copied? Not even close, energy can only transform, not get copied or destroyed. The same for Souls (because they are types of energy).

Consciousness on the other hand cannot exist by itself. Consciousness needs a brain to exist. I said earlier consciousness is information which implies consciousness is both matter and energy. The energetic part is what people call personality and the Soul is the only one responsible for personality. And the material part is what people call the brain together with its contents.

So let's connect the dots. Souls are energy and each has a unique vibration which reflects itself as personality inside a Life form. Next consciousness is information: Soul (energy) + brain (matter).

The last interesting part about Souls is they raise their vibration with each reincarnation. In other words the energy of the Soul can only intensify or increase.


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