The Basics About Super Human Abilities

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For an uninitiated, the simple idea of a Human possessing one or more super abilities must be taken out of a SciFi movie. Things are as far away from the Truth as possible and I’m actually gonna describe to you the basic steps into unlocking such abilities.

The most important concept is absolute awareness and acceptance of God. One can live his or her life without even being aware of God but for unlocking his or her potential the deepest possible connection with God is absolutely mandatory.

Next important concept is super Human abilities are given to special people in order for them to do more positive actions than otherwise possible. So one cannot ask for superhuman abilities to get rich, famous, powerful or any other egoistic pursuit.

So the basic steps now

1. Become aware of what God is at the fundamental level, accept It into your life unconditionally and start to communicate with It. God can and will become your best friend or your best adviser and once you get to know It you will never be alone again.

2. Fix your traumas. There was a full scale spiritual war, some echoes still exist on our planet and nobody made it through unharmed. For most the damage is psychological and fortunately such type of damage can get fixed easier than the physical one. So if you feel something is holding you back I strongly advise you to seek a professional therapist. There can be no shame in asking for help and your health, mental or not, should be your top priority.

There can be multiple criteria in seeking a therapist, like emotional compatibility for instance. But I would start with a very simple question for any potential therapist: do you truly believe in God?

3. Start engaging with ancient healing techniques like prayer, meditation and journaling to name the basic ones.

4. Reconnect with Nature. I cannot possibly stress this one enough, you will never feel good or open to maximizing your potential in the absence of the healing powers of Nature. So just go to a park or wherever is Nature for you, listen to a bird’s song or observe a tree.

5. Start your Enlightenment journey. When I mean Enlightenment I mean it in the Buddhist sense. The theory is very simple: unenlightened Humans have more or less uncontrollable egos. And the ego is basically internal negativity that obviously tries to act in reverse of any positive direction. So how can one become a powerful force of Good by unlocking superhuman abilities if he or she is dominated by his or her ego? The best advice for Enlightenment is to start learning from those spiritual people who know more than you. But I guarantee you no one is a master and everybody is learning from everybody else.

The above are obviously just the basics, hopefully the start of your most amazing life journey. Let me tell you now some examples of superhuman abilities:

1. Telepathy with God or your Soulmate.

2. Ascension - the possibility for your Soul to leave your body voluntarily.

3. Super empathy (one can develop its empathy forever and this is by far the most important skill any advanced life form can have).

4. Rewiring your brain (neuroscience is starting to catch up on this one; to keep a long story short you can reverse the aging of your brain or even specialize it to maximize some types of cognitive functions).


I am the leader of the Asgard Civilization. I am also the military commander of the Universal Elite Troops of Spiritual Warriors. And my passions are general science, writing and listening to music.

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