What Does Ascension Really Mean?

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According to https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ascention “To ascent to a higher plane of existence. According to theories there are 7 planes on the path of human evolution. Ascension is the process you go through when you die, but only if you are far enough evolved. When you are ascended, you exist as pure energy, that can take several forms.”.

This is a little bit true but also incomplete and misleading.

Ascension is basically the practice where your Soul voluntarily leaves your body to have a chat with God or visit God.

You can have a chat with God anytime using the Access to God but it is not as profound as the chat you have when you Ascend.

First of all in your day to day life there are a lot of things that can distract your Access to God.

Next in physical form you have your brain which is hardwired to contain some negativity.

So when you Ascend you have a chat with God at the same level of existence - from energy (your Soul) to the other form of energy (God).

Even though Ascension is very fun it is not a practice to basically feel good.

God allows Ascension only when there are important things to discuss or It considers there is the need for Divine Intervention.

I guess it’s worth mentioning there are different types of Ascension. I know three of them:

1. The Orange Ascension - this is an awareness bringing type of Ascension, basically you receive information you could not receive otherwise.

2. The White Ascension - this is the healing type of Ascension. For example when you die but God does not accept your death you come back to life, one way or another. And the health issue that got you killed is fixed partially or totally. When God does not accept one’s death it is because that person has a Higher Purpose which has not been fulfilled yet.

There is mind healing Ascension where God takes all your pain away or there is body healing Ascension where God fixes one or more living cells diseases or problems like hipotermia.

3. Black Ascension - when you sleep for a couple of minutes and you get suficient rest to keep you for the rest of the day.

4. Reincarnation Ascension - when your Soul leaves your body forever to go to your next Life.


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