Uniting the Major Religions

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If we look at some of the biggest Religions on the planet we easily notice none is complete.

Christians and Muslims to name a few have the concept of a single God quite well defined.

Buddhists on the other hand have the concepts of Lucid Dreams and Enlightenment perfectly defined but don’t seriously discuss the concept of God.

So it is quite obvious we need God + Enlightenment + Lucid Dreams to become complete.

Just like we need both Prayer and Meditation, not just one or another.

So any serious Human who considers himself or herself spiritual needs to make a compromise and understand other Religions, not just his or hers.

I can only show you the path… you’re the one who needs to do the walk.


I'm a web programmer passionate about coding, spirituality, psychology and some theoretical sciences. The best part with so many interests is I never get bored.

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