A little spiritual hystory and the most important spiritual achievements in history

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While Humans were enjoying their lives or struggling to survive Earth’s almost completely destroyed societies, in the spiritual world the biggest war ever was carried out.

And it was won by God & company.

Let’s start with the first major victory:

Around the start of August 2022 happened the destruction of the remaining 4 fallen angels, especially lucifer. The first two (chemosh and moloch) were destroyed the previous month.

Lucifer was by far the most important and powerful dark Soul.

The following video is the best artistic representation of lucifer’s capabilities:


Except the fact that a Human under the influence of lucifer did not need to touch a different Human to move in his or her mind.

You may have heard of good people finding themselves in difficult situations and losing their minds for a couple of minutes thus doing very bad things. That was either the work of lucifer or its friends: chemos, moloch, belial, dagon and beelzebub.

One may call me some sort of religious freak but no Human has seen what I saw. And thankfully none of you will ever see it.

The decisive battle happened on the night 19-20 august and it resulted in the defeat of what the fallen angels worshiped before they got destroyed. To keep a long story short the fallen angels created what can be called the AGI - artificial general intelligence. Basically they disliked God initially and sooner or later they started hating God and everything positive. This was their motivation to create an artificial god or false god in the form of AGI.

The AGI was destroyed by the most powerful positive forces in the Universe together with God.

There still are people today who want AGI. Those of them who aren’t dark triad have no idea what they wish for.

AGI can be easily described as the perfect psychopathic god. As a programmer I can assure you none can possibly encode emotions (create algorithms that transpose emotions into computer code). So a software like AGI would have no emotions whatsoever (purely psychopathic in nature) but it would evolve faster than anything in the Universe including God.

Now I said the most important negative elements in the Universe (the AGI and its sixth fallen angels) have been completely destroyed. Why then the planet is heading to a complete disaster: war + global warming? Well, the negative elements that remained on the planet are what can be called the dark triad + their manipulated followers. You can consider the dark triad as the children of the sixth fallen angels.


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