How to lucid dream

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Lucid dreams are a special type of dreams where you are aware of the fact that you are in a dream. Thus you also have the ability to control your actions.

Their purpose is to fulfill all desires so you get Enlightened - transcend your Ego.

Two conditions need to be met to have lucid dreams:

1. Keep a dream journal and write any dreams you have as fast as possible (you forget them in a matter of minutes).

2. Test reality as often as possible. If you are left handed you take your left pointing finger and try to pass it through your right palm. If you are ambidexter you can choose any hand. In reality it is impossible, in a lucid dream everything that concerns you is possible.

Due to the fundamental property of the brain called neuroplasticity you will develop the reflex of testing reality. And… when a weird thing happens (like a distortion of reality typical to dreams) you will test reality and instantly become aware you are in a dream. Next... only your imagination and the free will of those you will encounter will limit you :)


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