Aurora's out of this world language and a possible translation

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Norwegian artist Aurora used some weird words in two of her songs.

These words are not found in any known language.

She even challenges people in this tweet: “Its so funny to see you all wonder about the little part in “Forgotten love”. It’s not Norwegian, there is no lyrics. Just my own language. None of you will ever know what it means”.

First, challenge accepted!

Next I’m gonna try a potential translation below

Reslianna Faresuu - resilient fire inside

Hongaaah firlessiranna - hello the resilient one

Faressu hongaaah - resilient fire know yourself

Firelessinaniree suranna - you will burn everything

Rukireee rukireee - become more than you are

Resilanna faresuu - resilient fire become everything

Hungaaah - wake up

Firelessina firelessina firelessina - now you became aware of everything

And I’m gonna try one for A Different Kind Of Human too

Omega hai foleet - syncronize and become Oneness

Omega toneca - Oneness forever

Now one needs to understand Aurora’s music is purely empathic so her own language must also be empathic.

The problem with an empathy driven language is it may mean something for one person and a totally different thing for another person.
Even words in a language like English can mean different things for different people.


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