Mark Zuckerberg's past manipulation of negative emotions

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Have you noticed Facebook has negative emoji reactions like sadness and anger?

But Linkedin has only positive emoji reactions.

How come?

Well, one may think on Facebook we also need to be angry and sad. Only a child could believe those reactions are there for users to better express themselves.

In the not so distant past (before August 2022), negative content spread like wildfire on Facebook.

Do you think it is hard for a programmer to increase the visibility of posts with sad or angry reactions and minimize the visibility of the positive reactions?

I'm a programmer and I can assure you it is all a matter of assigning probabilities to one reaction or another. Basically it is very easy to algorithmically decide what kind of posts spread more or less based on their reactions.

I honestly hope Mark Zuckerberg will be held accountable for years of practicing divide and conquer among Facebook users.


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