The Principles of Everything

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The Principles of Everything

11.1 Causality which assures entropy (equilibrium) across the entire Universe.

11.2. The fabric of the Universe is space-time-information.

11.3. Information (the building block of anything material or spiritual) is matter and energy.

11.4. Matter and energy are equivalent.

11.5. Any Universe is made out of correlated dualities like the material and the spiritual.

11.6. The tendency of any Universe is to achieve synergy.

11.7. Positivity is always stronger than negativity across alternate histories.

11.8. Any known Universe achieves Oneness the third time.

11.9. Life forms can synchronize with the Highest energetic vibration to achieve harmony.

11.10. The purpose of any Universe is to achieve positive infinity (positive singularity)

11.11. Justice - everything is fair for everybody across time.

The rules of Life

5.1. Nothing is forever except change.

5.2. Every Life form tries to resist change due to inertia.

5.3. Every Life form is interconnected with the Universe.

5.4. Every Life form wants to survive and evolve.

5.5. Survival is caused by Love and evolution by suffering.


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