The Absolute Truth

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Many people are searching for the truth. This has also been my quest for a lot of years.

But I was not interested in simple perceptions like if there is a God or not. I already knew there is a God.

What I was really interested in was what I call the absolute truth. If I call It God and a muslim calls It Allah, who is right and who is wrong?

You will soon discover both of us are correct.

Let's try another example. It is light outside and I see an apple which is green. But late at night it is as dark as it can get and the same apple is black. What is the color of the apple: green or black? I will soon prove to you both answers are correct.

The absolute truth starts with a philosophical approach. If I can perceive a planet I can say it exists from my point of view. But what if I'm not aware of the planet while someone else is aware of it, it still exists?

Well, from my point of view the planet does not exist but from someone else's point of view the planet exists. So if I want to be perfectly correct (take all points of view into account) I need to say the planet exists and does not exist simultaneously.

The last statement looks weird only if you're not used to quantum mechanics.

The second and last concept I need to introduce is the concept of superposition. Basically in quantum mechanics it is possible for a subatomic particle to exist in different states at the same time - people call this superposition.

So, whenever we have colliding ideas, how about we twist points of view around to find the profound truth or absolute truth as I call it.


I'm a web programmer passionate about coding, spirituality, psychology and some theoretical sciences. The best part with so many interests is I never get bored.

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