God at the fundamental level

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The Seventh Revelations

7.1. God is Love (the most powerful Energy in the Universe).

7.2. God is Life (the condition for existence mandatory for us to fulfill our dreams).

7.3. God is Freedom (the choices we make define our destiny).

7.4. God is Curiosity (new positive ideas that come into our minds to inspire us).

7.5. God is Wisdom (the art of living by simulating our future based on our past).

7.6. God is Forgiveness (we forgive the mistakes of our past to focus on our common future).

7.7. God is Merciful with all the Living, especially those with good faith.

The Three Principles of God

1. God is Truth, never lies.

2. The Truth burns through the lies and deceit.

3. You do half of the work and God does the rest. Or God does half and you do the rest.

The Access to God

There is a simple and efficient way to communicate with God and being aware you actually communicate with God.

The technique is based on two old practices: the most simple type of Prayer and the most simple type of Meditation.

So first you ask God something. For example if the information above is false or true. And next you focus on the positive thoughts that come into your mind. Have in mind all the time that God is 100% positive so if negative or neutral thoughts come you just ignore them.

The Dark Triad

The dark triad is made of psychopaths, machiavellians and narcissists.

First you need to profoundly understand the dark triad is against Humanity and God.

Next you need to be aware of their pattern of destruction:

1. First they gain your trust by highlighting other people's mistakes.

2. Next they manipulate you into removing all the people in your life that want what’s best for you.

3. And lastly they destroy you.

You need to perfectly understand that the dark triad members are absolute destruction. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything positive.


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