Paramore Riot

Please Welcome Paramore With A Deep Idea

Somewhere in 2021 I discovered the rock band called Paramore with the help of their notorious song Decode.

If you know Paramore you know already they released their first album All We Know Is Falling IN 2005. You may wonder why I discovered them in 2021? Well I use Youtube which suggests music based on what I am already listening. And somehow Youtube decided in 2021 that I may like the song Decode. The same thing happened with Tash Sultana too, an artist which became known in 2016 and I discovered her in late 2021. This is another story.

Of course I’m not satisfied with Youtube’s style of helping me finding similar artists with the ones I’m listening like 16 years later after their debut. Nevermind. I may write an article containing the entire discography of Paramore just like I did with Dolores O’Riordan but I need to get used with it first.

For the moment I got stuck on one of their songs called Let The Flames Begin:

This song contains some philosophic idea or quest and you know philosophy is kinda my thing. The songwriters of this piece are Hayley Nichole Williams and Joshua Neil Farro according to Google. One of them is responsible for the lyric: “Somewhere weakness is our strength, and I’ll die searching for it”.

I would like to share my thoughts on this one. In my opinion humans can have multiple weaknesses but the biggest of them all is love. We may think love makes us Godlike powerful and this would be actually true, love brings the best possible version of us into existence. But failed love can also devastate and cripple us. Love actually implies vulnerability, not just strength.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard of Paramore yet you can give them a try. As you can see their lyrics are at least interesting and their instrumentals are not a bad joke either. The voice of their solo Hayley is cool too.

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