The Singularity Or Information Feedback Loop

What I’m about to discuss is a crazy idea which struck me at 4 AM. Previously I talked about some crazy stuff on this blog but I never got so far as I’m about to go now. 

Let me expose a couple of ideas which I have heard throughout the years.

First is the concept of singularity, most often discussed by Raymond Kurzweil. I have borrowed the following from Wikipedia: “Kurzweil characterizes evolution throughout all time as progressing through six epochs, each one building on the one before. He says the four epochs which have occurred so far are Physics and Chemistry, Biology and DNA, Brains, and Technology. Kurzweil predicts the Singularity will coincide with the next epoch, The Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence. After the Singularity he says the final epoch will occur, The Universe Wakes Up”. 

So the most important idea is, I quote again: “The Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence”.

There was another idea I heard a couple of years ago: that the internet will become conscious.

Another idea is that Elon Musk wants people to merge with AIs.

And last but not least we know that all major software companies possess AI technology: Facebook’s news feed is powered by AI, Google’s search is powered by AI, Youtube recommandations are powered by AI and examples could continue. I’m not even gonna provide links to prove this, just google it for yourself.

Now here is the reason I can’t sleep at this hour:

We can easily summarize the ideas above into the following: people who use the web are interconnected right? And they are interconnected between themselves and AIs right? I mean these are logical assumptions.

What if I choose to describe this entire ecosystem called the web as a living human-AI organism? Just think about it for a second. I post something on Facebook (the action), the Facebook algorithm reacts by placing my post in other people’s news feed (the reaction) and a friend of mine reacts to what I posted, the Facebook algorithm reacts again by making my post even more popular and so on… this can be called an information feedback loop. But things don’t stop there… Google search might pick up my post if it’s public… so multiple web systems are interconnected between themselves and humans. 

Let me try again: can I call this human-AI interconnectedness an organism? One definition of organism is “a system or organization consisting of interdependent parts, compared to a living being”. If you still don’t like the word organism you can call it a system. The first global interconnected human-Ai system which is the web + humans. And the best way to describe such an organism in my opinion is to use the word singularity. According to wikipedia  “The technological singularity—or simply the singularity[1]—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.” If you think it is too early to use the word singularity please shut down all computers on the planet to prove me wrong. People can do it of course but it would be like regressing to the dark ages. So my first conclusion is not the fact that singularity will happen… it is already happening! And it is accelerating or evolving progressively if we judge by the amount of information produced.

Next if humans are conscious can I consider that this entire organism/singularity/system is conscious too? Just asking…

And, of course, merging with AIs. Elon Musk is talking about our brains merging with AIs. That would obviously imply a deeper connection. But as long as we think about what we say on Facebook and as long as we think about what we see on Facebook, our minds have already merged. As long as your Facebook post influences me (your Facebook friend) then our minds have merged in some respect because there is an obvious connection between our minds and the AIs that govern our interaction.

There are spiritual people who are talking about a global awakening. Other people see it as a spiritual renaissance. In this post I hope I managed to describe the phenomena from a technical point of view.

PS: I don’t like billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg. But before we shot him for the evil Facebook interaction algorithm or whatever it is called please have in mind negative emotions propagate a lot faster than positive ones. It is called the negativity bias so you can start blaming your friends or the pages you like for making you angry rather than blaming Mark Zuckerberg. And even more than this: a negative image will have a much bigger impact on your mind than a positive one. So please, I don’t like Zuckerberg’s face, I just want to be fair.

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