Illegal Protests

Illegal Protests

Allow me to discuss one of the greatest inventions of the coronavirus pandemic: illegal public gatherings which implies illegal protests. So in some democratic countries you can’t protest against the government let’s say as long as there are lockdown rules because the protest is illegal. Actually you can’t even protest against lockdown because… you guessed it, it’s illegal!

This is what people call democracy and these kinds of nations teach the world what human rights are all about. I would like to call this exactly what it is: hypocrisy. Human rights and freedom are lovely values only when they suit the government’s agenda.

You wanna join the EU? You wanna sit at the same table with these hypocrites? Be careful what you wish for!

They bring you democracy at the cost of your own freedom.

Regarding viruses the time has come to read some science. I know some people like reality TV but such habits are not helpful. So please welcome a piece of science called “Viruses revealed to be a major driver of human evolution“. But I guess the purpose of our beloved governments is not actually evolution right? I mean evolution is nice as long as the government is in control, what would any government choose between evolution and control?

My point is we vote for these folks and we have to power to knock them down. In my country there was an anti communist revolution. Do you think that revolution was authorized by the dictator of that time? Do you think that revolution was “legal”?

PS: I have a small suggestion for these democratic governments: how about making climate change protests illegal too?

Update 2022.01.07

Watching over what is happening in Kazakhstan I guess there are worst places than the EU. I mean in the Netherlands you get bitten by police dogs if you protest but in Kazakhstan you get shot by the russians without warning. If you still wonder what is happening in Kazakhstan things are very simple: either the president and its corrupt friends steal from the population either they bring in russian troops to kill those who protests against this situation. So basically you accept the political class to steal from you or you die being shot. If you think the official terrorist story you obviously don’t have any idea at all how things work on this planet. In this case the real terrorists are the russian troops. And they dare to call themselves peacemakers.

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