Seduction Rules

Man To Woman Attraction Rules

I am a big fan of the most complex web application out there: Facebook. I don’t understand why Facebook created a dating module… Facebook itself is a dating app, the most complex and with the most users. So I’m gonna start with the rules of texting, on Facebook or otherwise.

The rules of texting:

  • if you double text her, your value completely drops. You look⁣⁣ option-less and supplicating.⁣⁣
  • DO NOT text her if you’re bored. Your attention should always remain valuable.
  • Keep your texts short, brief & to the point.⁣⁣
  • Text for logistical reasons only⁣, except in the beginning when you need to find at least a common interest
  • Periodically wait longer before responding.⁣
  • Morning texts are va*ina dehydrators. Don’t.
  • The more you text, the less your messages are worth.

General attraction rules:

  • don’t express your feelings for her from the beginning (women desire men they don’t know if they can have)
  • don’t tell her everything about yourself (in this way you will always be interesting for a woman)
  • be original – differentiate yourself from any other male (no woman want’s to date a man like her ex)
  • the most desired trait a woman is looking for is intelligence (women control natural selection and they value most intelligence – that is the reason why humans were able to put rovers on Mars rather than playing in the trees). Knowing this you could read books in general and study psychology and communication in particular
  • don’t focus your attention on a single woman (women can tell when you are wrapped around their finger and in this case they will not be attracted to you)
  • interact with as many women as possible (only in this way you can learn as much as possible about ladies and only in this way you will have multiple choices)
  • don’t wait too long before making a move (you will appear without self confidence and the lady will loose her interest in you)
  • don’t give her free compliments (this is manipulative behavior like trying to buy her with compliments – women don’t like being manipulated)
  • avoid manipulative behavior (being a nice guy doesn’t work because women know this is not who you are, you’re just trying to manipulate them – rather than being a nice guy you could just be yourself, with qualities and defects. Further on a lot of “seduction techniques” nowadays focus on manipulation, be careful what you read as this kind of information is poison. Some forms of manipulation may work with stupid ladies but I don’t think you should waste your time with such women)
  • your most important assets in seduction are the way you look at a lady and your attitude with her and other people. So not your appearance, your height, your d*ck size or your money. When you look at a lady you need to look in her eyes and sometimes undress her with your eyes by looking at her body. Women need to feel sexual attraction. And your attitude needs to be self confident. I transmit self confidence with a little bit of arrogance (towards other people and never toward the lady) and a little bit more sarcasm. For example you can criticize aspects of the society you live in using sarcasm, please don’t tell me your society is perfect.
  • hit on women who are “out of your league”… that’s the only way you will become part of their league.

Last I decided to offer you my favorite lines with ladies. This is pure gold.

So you ask her: “Has anyone told you today you are beautiful?”

If she says no: “I’m so sorry to hear this. Don’t worry, tomorrow is another day”.

If she says yes: “I’m happy to hear this. Please understand the fact that I don’t like to imitate people”.

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