Absolute Truth

The Absolute Truth

I’ve been searching for this my entire life. I searched for the absolute truth in various disciplines ranging from sciences, arts and religions. After 28 years of intermittent searching my quest is over. The absolute truth in its basic form is a combination of philosophy and quantum mechanics. Let me start with a story.

You walk on a street and see a tree. You thus become aware of it and you know that tree is part of your reality.

What is your reality? Your perception of everything around you and what you think about it, the part of our Universe that you perceive and imagine. Nobody can argue with the fact that the tree you are seeing exists. Actually… I can. Imagine a blind man walking on the same street. The blind man passes over the tree that you saw never to return and nobody informs or will inform that blind man about the presence of that tree. Can you say that for the blind man the same tree that you saw exists too? That would be ridiculous, in the perception and imagination of the blind man that tree does not exist, it is not part of his reality.

So we have two antagonistic perceptions here over the same phenomena. In your perception the tree exists but in the blind’s man perception the same tree does not exist. If we want to know the absolute truth regarding this phenomena there is only one answer: the tree exists and does not exist at the same time. Only by reuniting all perceptions can we perceive the entire truth – what I call the absolute truth.

The situation with the tree is philosophical but the conclusion has been inspired by quantum mechanics. More specifically the concept of superposition. I hope you will visit the exposed link to read more about superposition. The idea is that a subatomic particle can exist in multiple quantum states at the same time.

Let’s apply this to the concept of God. According to Christians and not only God exists. According to atheists God does not exist. And according to some Buddhists there is no point in asking ourselves if Deities exist or not because such questions cause suffering. By applying my perception about the absolute truth God exists and does not exist at the same time.

I wonder if you can imagine how it feels to end a quest that started when I was around 6 years old (now I’m 34). So I’ve spent 28 years in this endeavour. And it feels like… nothing. I don’t know exactly how to describe this, it is not emptiness as that would suggest a vacuum or something that is missing. I have no emotion basically and I think the answer was in my face all along, I just was not ready for it.

I have my own perception about understanding things. The problem is not the complexity of a specific idea, the problem is if you are interested in the idea and also willing to accept that idea. In my perception understanding an idea is just a matter of paying attention to it and accepting it. And some people that don’t accept an idea provide an alternative idea to describe the same phenomena thus our absolute truth becomes more complex by acquiring multiple points of views. For example if Einstein would have accepted Newton’s idea about Gravity we would not have had Relativity. I’m pretty sure Einstein asked himself why two bodies attract each other rather than just sticking to the fact that they attract. So basically I speculate further that he even doubted the fact that two bodies really attract. It is not stupid nor insane to doubt popular beliefs. Actually a hobby like this causes evolution.

The point that I tried to make in the last paragraph is that I hope you will not accept my ideas in this article but also provide alternative ideas to add other points of views. Let’s complicate the absolute truth to see things better 🙂

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