Maximum War

Introducing the Concept of Maximum War

If we look at humanity’s history we will notice it has been embroiled in war. Empires and nations were at war between themselves most of the time. But I am terribly disappointed that nobody ever achieved a maximum war. It is quite an irony that our history was dominated by wars but still nobody fought until there was only one person left.

How can we possibly claim victory if there are survivors?

A maximum war would be until the end, until there is only one person left and only that person could possibly claim victory. So we need a new leader, a leader that understands the concept of maximum war and that will lead us to his victory. And when this leader appears we would all need to fight for him until he is the last human on planet Earth.

So we need to make this happen. The person that will lead us to maximum war must appear on this planet and convince us all to fight each other until the end.

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