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5 Tips For Writing Articles On A Blog

There are many people nowadays that have blogs.

And for me blogs are a great source of information. 

Some bloggers aim for material gains while others strive to acquire reputation in their field. My motivation is basically to share some of the interesting information that I know and also to motivate me to research topics in the areas of the categories in this blog. I am a learner basically. I’m not aiming for material gains because I am well payed and I have other ideas to make money and in the case of reputation I prefer to acquire certifications and verified courses and place them on my LinkedIn profile.

I noticed that in the developed world people tend to create specialized blogs on a domain only. In my country people tend to learn multiple domains, the trend of specialization did not hit us yet. That’s why this blog has multiple domains in its categories, I am actually researching those topics.

I would like to share with you some of the things I learned while blogging:

  1. Create articles with infographics. The notorious Neil Patel offers a lot of reasons here:
  2. Make a schedule for writing articles. If you’re not working on your posting discipline your blog will end up like mine: no new articles. My problem is that I am a very busy man and I prefer to learn things rather than share information.
  3. Avoid using click bait titles for your articles. When a blog fouls me to click on its article by using a deceptive title just to get my visit I usually remember it. Actually I unfollowed multiple blogs on social media for this reason.
  4. Study digital marketing to learn how to promote your blog. Actually digital marketing is one of those skills that will help you in anything you do online. The best place to start in the digital marketing world in my opinion is the online course from Google called Fundamentals of digital marketing If you pay you could even get a certificate that you can put on your CV. I started this course but I was not able to finish it. After I accomplish some of my immediate plans I will follow this course again and get the certificate.
  5. Any respectable blog article has a featured image. This image must look good and suggest what the article is about. You can pay for such images or you can use an image provider free for commercial use and no attribution required. Like

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