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Best 10 Android apps

In this article I want to present to you my favorite list of 10 best Android apps, 8 general purpose and 2 games. So let’s begin.

1. Trello. This is an app for organizing your tasks. It can easily support Kanban workflow management system.

2. Amazon Kindle. I love reading on my phone so this is my substitute for a Kindle device. It syncs with my Amazon cloud account so wherever is my phone my books are too.

3. Penzu. I also keep a journal so Penzu is my natural choice for my journal. Easy to use and the free version has all the basic features I need.

4. Shazam. Did it ever happened to you to hear a song and want to know who plays it so you can listen again? Shazam has the answer, it can recognize most songs by just listening to them for a couple of seconds.

5. Deepstash. Ever since Google updated its algorithms to favor long articles on the web content writers have adapted. Google destroyed the web with this algo update because now articles are long to rank high in the search engine but have few ideas that are detailed to the point of stupidity. I don’t play this game, most of my articles are short and to the point because your time is valuable. Anyway there is a cure to this and it is called Deepstash. Deepstash offers articles summaries, so a few slides in most cases with the basic ideas of the articles they are summarizing. This is pretty helpful if you want to read articles but don’t have time to read stupidity level details.

6. Ashtray. I’m a smoker so I want to count my cigarettes. I really want to know how much I smoke and how much it costs me. Ashtray is the perfect app for this.

7. Google Drive. All my files are stored in the cloud so I won’t loose them. Guess where? To the Google cloud. Google Drive is a file manager for the files stored at Google.

8. Google Docs. Google docs is a file editor. I edit my doc files with it and they are automatically synced to the Google cloud.

9. Civilization Revolution 2. CivRev2 is probably the best game on Android. I played it for years, now I know it by heart. Challenging on the toughest level and the AI is pretty smart. Please have in mind that it is not free.

10. Catan Classic. Catan Classic is a niche game. I recommend it to anyone who played Catan boardgame. It is basically an adaptation of the boardgame for Android. Please have in mind that this one is also not free.

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