Positive Psychology Technique

The best technique of positive psychology

In this short entry I want to mention the most effective technique of the entire positive psychology: keeping a gratitude journal. By the book one needs to write in the gratitude journal 3 things for which one is grateful today. I am a little bit lazy so generally speaking I write down only one thought. Keeping a gratitude journal is simple yet so powerful. Only a few minutes a day of remembering and writing and the gratitude journal will boost your happiness. Below I would like to share some of my entries in the gratitude journal to hopefully provide some inspiration:

2020.04.19 – I am grateful for the love thoughts meditation I performed earlier. It was refreshing. 

2020.04.18 – I am grateful for the barbecue I made earlier today. I ate well.

2020.04.17 – I am grateful for the approx 5 hour sleep I had earlier today. I haven’t slept well last night so this sleep was good.

2020.04.16 – I am grateful for teaching my father to have a gratitude journal. I also gave him my MindGeek agenda. This may become the best memory of my father. I also asked my mom to remind him to write a gratitude thought every night before bedtime. 

2020.04.16 – I am grateful for my new job at Mindgeek that is proving inspirational because it teaches me a new architecture for web services and gRPC protocol

202.04.16 – I am grateful for the small habitual changes I made like the gratitude journal, physical exercises, meditation and REBT journal.

2020.04.16 – I am grateful for the Easter holiday. Together with the weekend I have four days off.

2020.04.14 – I am grateful for the good sleep I had last night. I did not slept well the night before so I was tired.

2020.04.12 – I’m grateful for the barbecue I had today

2020.04.10 – I’m grateful for reading book summaries about habits. I started to track my cigarettes, physical exercise, gratitude and hide in the drawer my cigarettes and coffee kits. These books had a massive impact upon me.

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