The Five Love Languages

Love expressions types a.k.a. love languages

I forgot to mention that last year I read a book about love types. It is called The Five Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman. It all started when I fell in love with a girl. Nothing happened and I moved along quickly. But the question remained. For the first time I asked myself what love is and decided to search for the answer in a book. This book influenced me the most. I started to ask myself what are the people around love languages. Basically how they express their love. And I got a lot closer with my parents by visiting them daily (they live across the street), hugging, buying them food and telling them I love them. Basic manifesting 4 out of 5 love expressions types described by Gary in the book and called by the author love languages. These are:

  • quality time (mine)
  • words of affirmation (my mother’s)
  • acts of service (my father’s)
  • physical touch 
  • gifts (one of my aunts one)

Generally a person manifests one primary love language but more could be developed. To find out yours you can take the free quiz here:

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