He's Not My Son

He’s Not My Son

Me at my child’s birth:
Andrew: he’s not my son.
Nurse: why?
A: because he is black.
N: are you a racist?
A: no.
N: then why he is not your baby?
A: because I’m white and he is black.
N: this makes you better than him?
A: no but he is not my kid.
N: why?
A: I told you. He is black.
N: and why it is not your children?
A: here we go again. He is black!
N: calm down please. Are you a racist?
A: no. My ancestors are from Africa or Europe, the scientists need to agree.
N: But those from Europe, like you, are better than those from Africa?
A: no. They are the same no matter where they came from.
N: so all people are the same? Identical? This is another issue…
A: no. Everybody is unique. But my ancestors are the same.
N: but which one would be better? From Europe or Africa?
A: I told you. They are the same.
N: so they are not unique.
A: they are unique in their own way but similar in some aspects.
N: I don’t understand. They are unique or the same?
A: I’m sorry but I can’t continue the conversation anymore. The kid is not mine and I am leaving.

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