ATMs Are Better

ATMs are better

I remember a story that happened when I was a little bit over 20 years old.

A lady sent me to the bank with her credit card to withdraw some money. So the card had a feminine name on it and I am male (in case it isn’t obvious…).

So i went to the bank and at the counter another cute lady was waiting for me. I told her the amount I want to withdraw and I gave her the card. The lady from the bank told me that she can’t help me because the name on the card is a feminine one and I am male.

I had one of my rare moments of revelation: is there an atm nearby? She told me there is one right after the corner.

Thank you very much. I wen’t to the atm and withdraw the money as the lady who gave me the card also gave me the pin number.

So problem fixed without questions or even standing in line like I did at the counter. Everything went smooth and efficient. The moral of the story: atms are better!

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