Quiet Mind

Tips and tricks for a quieter mind

Throughout my readings I encountered some tips to make my mind calm and understand it better. And I would like to share them with you.

The first one: focus on the spaces between thoughts

Whenever there is negativity to be found inside one’s mind there is this simple trick. To focus on the spaces between thoughts. That is pure silence, there is nothing at all. Like the pauses in a melody, the silence between notes. So when one focuses on the pure nothingness between is own thoughts, calmness happens. Your mind instantly starts to live in the here and now, the present tense.

Write on a piece of paper all negative thoughts and burn it down after the conclusion

The mind can be beautiful servant but a dangerous master (Osho). Inside our own mind the ego lies. It lives on by comparing yourself to anybody else, always wants to win everything, accepts no compromises. We can actually isolate the ego’s thoughts to understand them better. So here I challenge you to take a piece of paper and write down every negative thought that crosses your mind. By doing this exercise you can see for yourself that the ego is repetitive, destructive and boring. After you have drawn your conclusion you can burn the paper down, making all those ideas vanish into non-existence.

Repeat everyday some positive ideas

How about to repeat every morning ideas like I am love, I am worthy, I live to serve others. You need to choose the most positive ideas that you can think of and make them your values, your life’s guidance.


This one may be the most powerful of them all. How about choosing 15 minutes each morning to do… nothing. Well, almost nothing. Meditation is the act of letting your mind wonder without intervening upon your thoughts. It is an excellent reflection tool to help you understand your behavior, the behavior of those around you, your emotions and everything else in between. I mediate every day on my working days, in the morning, to prepare myself for the day. This helps me to start my day fresh and calm, ready to tackle new challenges.

Whenever an unpleasant event happens think about it this way

Let’s say an unpleasant event happened. The best thing to do about it is to be optimistic. First of all you can realize it is temporary. As the great Buddha said: nothing is forever except change. We can apply this everywhere. Even if a loved one dies, the effect it will have upon our self is only temporary. One cannot mourn somebody else all his life. The second helpful conclusion is to realize the cause is external. I had a bad day and I acted like a jerk. Even if it is my fault the person receiving my behavior can realize it is not me in my deepest sense, just me having a bad day. Being a jerk does not define me nor is my fault, it just happened. When something bad happens to us it is even easier: we did not attract that event, it is not our fault, the cause is beyond our self. And the third conclusion is it is not destroying everything. There is no event that can destroy our life, we can recover from anything. So there is no chance for a cataclysmic event, whatever happened to us is just a setback, we can and will recover!

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