Things That I Hope To See In The Next 50 Years

I decided to rework my blog into something more interesting. My ideas about the world which emerge by feeling trends and studying all sort of disciplines. So after 3-4 blogging attempts I decided to finally do something original and interesting.

I will start with my hopeful predictions about our world for the following 50 years.

  1. Nuclear fusion becomes commercial viable and seriously lowers the cost of living and thus increases the level of comfort in living areas.
    Global peace is attained. There will be no more conflicts on the face of the Earth.
  2. 2. Environment improvement: more carbon consumed than produced and less pollution created than eliminated.
  3. Antimatter star ships. As the cost of lunching something in the orbit decreases the cost of building modular star ships and space stations will also decrease. The most efficient known form of energy creation from converted matter is antimatter. And with the advancement of technology and engineering it may become feasible to create antimatter that fuels star ships. It is all about the cost of producing antimatter.
  4. Space hotels start existing and become mainstream. A company already announced that it plans to create the first space hotel. I’m pretty sure that space hotels will become mainstream as long as the cost of sending people and materials into space decreases exponentially.
  5. Self driving drones will become the basic transport inside cities. Cities are way too crowded with cars and building subways is expensive and doesn’t show prospects of seriously becoming cheaper. So the quick fix is to develop self driving drones that transport people and packages.
  6. 2020-01-15: Lab grown food will become almost free.
  7. AI prediction of the future. AI may reach the point of predicting the best outcome from an array of such.

My psychologist friend, Teo, proposed its own predictions about our world. Here they go:

  1. CRISPR induced immortality and eradication of all diseases.
  2. AI singularity based on room temperature quantum processing.
  3. Poverty eradication.
  4. Replace of current monetary system with alternative one.
  5. Dissolution of all borders and transition to a homogeneous global society based and fast transportation possibilities.
  6. Open alien contact.

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