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“many eons of cosmic contraction and expansion”.

I started a course about Buddhism and after reading some of Gautama words my mind blew off.

First of all I can hardly believe his level of knowledge about the Universe. Theoretical physics today is not that advanced.

Here we can read: 

“When the mind was thus concentrated, purified, bright, unblemished, rid of defilement, pliant, malleable, steady, and attained to imperturbability, I directed it to the knowledge of recollecting my past lives. I recollected my manifold past lives, i.e., one birth, two… five, ten… fifty, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, many eons of cosmic contraction, many eons of cosmic expansion, many eons of cosmic contraction and expansion”.

I never believed in reincarnation even though ever since I discovered Zen Buddhism this year (2019) I agreed with everything except reincarnation. Now I believe in reincarnation as well because I finally understood it. I thought that one reincarnates immediately after he dies. But I understood that this probably happens after a contraction and expansion of the Universe. So we live again in different Universes.

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from? From the past: past lives and past experiences in the current life. We are always improving ourselves. Learning from our mistakes in the current life but also our past lives. Everything makes sense now. We are like experiment machines, we learn by experimenting our environment.

The reality is like a matrix of a number of possibilities. We are given just one choice at a time. This possibilities are just two opposite ones: a positive one and a negative one. This two possibilities arise from our consciousness. Our consciousness is a unique mix of ideas that we took and adapted from the environment. We took this ideas for adaptation in our current life but also our past lives. The abstract part of our ideas survive from one Universe to another.

And the totality of our past, present and future ideas is our consciousness. The mix of our consciousness with all other life forms consciousnesses creates the global consciousness. The global consciousness is formed under two opposite dimensions of life: life and death, creation or destruction, positive or negative.

Our ideas that appear in our minds and that can be positive and negative create thoughts that generate in turn their own ideas that continue or change our thoughts. Next we generate decisions and actions or just continue or change our thoughts. Ideas are not given a value except when they pass through our acceptance or rejection mechanism that can transform them into thoughts. An idea that creates a positive thought can become a positive decision that can turn itself into a positive action. All ideas fuel a smaller amount of thoughts that fuel an even smaller amount of decisions that, in the end, fuel an even smaller amount of actions.

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